Intro to Lovepac Crating

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Crate- what exactly is a crate?  It’s a big wooden box made of 2 x 4s and other wood products that we at Lovepac create to ship specific products. These products are often extremely heavy, fragile and large.

Lovepac supports you through the whole process, by utilizing our design team to create the specific crate needed to ship your merchandise.

Our designers will outline the crate using wood, polyethylene foam and corrugated materials if needed.  These big boxes are also created with a pallet attached to it, ready for shipping.

Protection is of the essence in a project of this magnitude.  The goods packaged in these crates are often very expensive, so we need to assure that the product gets to destination in perfect shape. Therefore, if you have something to ship that has the following criteria:

  • Heavy
  • Shipped overseas (most of the time, but can be local)
  • Fragile
  • Costly

Look us up on the web at we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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