The Foundations of Crating

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A crate is not a typical wooden box at Lovepac. Our goal is to provide you with the following:

1) Lightest product with maximum strength

2) Cushioning for bumps along the way

3) Cushioning for vibration where necessary

4) Corrugated as a cover wherever possible to save you money on transport and packaging

5) Fast and easy packing-this will save you time and money

6) Combination of wood, PE foam, and corrugated

7) 100% custom for your product

8) Your logo on the outer case if desired

9) Hinges for easy opening and closing for reusable crates

10) A great experience from design to shipping

Contact our sales rep today and we will come to you with our design team and develop something that will give you peace of mind when you send your product worldwide.

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