Crating – Lovepac Style

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Lovepac builds high quality shipping crates for industrial, commercial, business and consumer needs. Our high-tech manufacturing process starts with close communications with our costumer to ensure accuracy and specific details of the finished crate. Our design department takes that information and creates assembly drawings. From there, the parts are cut, machined and assembled to create a custom crate that is unique and matches exactly the customer specifications. Our designers can add custom foam pads and cut-outs to protect your fragile product (from vibrations and shock) inside the crates. It will also keep the item in place.

Our crates are assembled using superior wood quality and construction methods.  The wood is heat-treated and the crates are ISPM-15 certified and ready for international exportations.

Whether you need just one crate that can be used over and over many times, or multiple crates with any number of custom options, we want to be you crating company.

Join the hundreds of happy, satisfied Lovepac customers and experience the highest detail and customer service that has become our standard for every crate we build.

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