Looking to Order? Come One, Come All!

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3. Come One Order Size, Come All!

Don’t be concerned that your quantities are too small for a custom design package.  If your product requires custom, repeat, corrugated, and/or foam, we will design something for you at no charge.

Our specialty is small to medium size runs, even if you order as low as 25 units at a time. This specialty combined with our layered inventory service means that you can get small quantities and take advantage of additional savings. How you ask? By allowing us to use one of our many different inventory services. This way you get:

  • Custom packaging
  • Small quantity
  • Layered inventory service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional packaging
  • Protective packaging

When we hear “we only order a small amount”, we hear – let’s get started!

Contact us for a free consultation and hopefully a new packaging design.

Email:  info@lovepac.com

Tel.: (514) 904-4300

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