Flexible Manufacturing for All Quantities

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5. Flexible Manufacturing for All Quantities

We produce corrugated boxes, pads, trays, containers, dividers and much more for both specialty use, low and high volume.

Our flexible manufacturing capability means we can offer short run, low volume and high volume automated production – all this within the same production facility. We have our in-house design team who can process CAD drawings from concept to working prototype via our automated sample-making table. These prototypes can be used for pre-production assessment and drop test analysis. We can use the same sample-making table to produce low quantities to suit our customer’s needs.

If you are just starting up or you want to test your product during shipping, we can produce from one (1) to twenty (20) boxes and foam endcaps. This way, you do not have to invest in buying cutting dies, which are necessary for bigger volume production. You save money and time!

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