Safer Shipping with Corrugate and Foam

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3. Safer Shipping with Corrugate and Foam

When you run a business that ships products all over the world, you want those products to arrive to your customers in the same condition as when they were shipped. Unfortunately, you don’t always have control over how your products are treated. Accidents may happen, or shipping personnel may not take care of your packages. Luckily, to prevent damage in these situations, you can cover your packages with protective foam with Lovepac.

After all, you depend on customer satisfaction to keep your company going.

From small items like electronic circuit boards, to large appliances and equipment, simple to complex foam protection can be designed to integrate a simple corrugated box or a more robust wooden crate. We can even run instant prototypes, which enables us to get your approval and provide you with packaging foam as soon as possible

We offer a wide variety of custom foam packaging materials; Antistatic EPS, Expanded Polyethylene, Polyethylene Foams laminated and extruded, Antistatic Polyethylene Foam, and Polyurethane. Our facility and experienced staff is equipped to manage large or small quantity runs as well as assembly.

We assess your needs and offer you the best options from our technical foam products and cases for your applications. Then we measure, design, and manufacture a protective packaging solution that is a perfect, secure fit for your product or equipment.

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