Corrugated Art

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1. Corrugated Art

Corrugated, put in a simple way, is a single wall with three layers of paper. Two outside papers called liners, which have the same paper weight, and one in the middle which most of the time is of lesser weight and is called the medium. The medium is wavy, so it gives a bit of a cushion.  There are multiple combinations of paper that create different strengths of ECT (edge crush test).  The ECT should correlate with whatever product you need to package depending on the weight of the product.

Now the art of this product is that it can be used to make a multitude of things. The car company Lexus, even created a car in corrugated and it runs…now that’s art!

The only limit you will find is your own limitations.  The world of corrugated is a vast and complex but interesting world. Full of art!

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