Corrugated Paper – The Versatile Material

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3. Corrugated Paper – The Versatile Material

We all know about the use of corrugated paper in the packaging industry. Corrugated paper has properties that allow the packaging industry to create a whole range of products. Corrugated paper has mainly been used as a shipping material, however the appearance and the maneuverability of the corrugated sheets allows it to be an interesting medium for artists to express themselves.

From furniture, objects, clothes, to art boards; you name it! Chances are, someone used this versatile materiel to create wonderful pieces.

Here are some examples of the use of corrugated paper.

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It is an amazing material that is flexible and sturdy at the same time. It can be used to produce almost anything. The strength, combined with the light weightiness of it, no wonder it has been so popular within the packaging industry.

This shows you that we can create anything we can imagine!

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