Complex Boxes – From 2D to 3D

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Hey there! You ever wondered how some complex boxes are made?

I am not talking about the boxes we use when we move, I am talking about these kind of boxes:


You can find these types of boxes everywhere once you start looking for them. Trust me, they are out there! It is like when you buy a new car and then you start noticing a lot of people owning the same car.

From beer boxes, to boxes that package hi-tech devices, these custom-made boxes can accommodate all sorts of products. We design the box while taking into consideration the requirements of the product and our customer.

Once we have the final design, a 2 dimensional layout of the box is used to manufacture a steel blade cutting die…and voila! We have ourselves a custom, one of a kind, corrugated box that can be mass produced thanks to our little friend-the steel die!

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