Lovepac’s Pallet Initiative

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Lovepac is proud once again to go the green route! We began an initiative to reduce the environmental impact significantly by replacing thousands of pallets that end up in the garbage. We intend to replace at least 10,000 wood pallets with our own recycled corrugated version, which you can then recycle.

The beauty about the corrugated pallet is that it can be manufactured depending on the specific needs of the application.

Also, when shipping internationally with a wooden pallet, the law requires that all raw wood be either fumigated or heat-treated when crossing international borders. This means that for every shipment on wood, you’ll need a certificate. The law does not apply on corrugated products so it makes a corrugated pallet a worry free pallet!

Here are some points on why we should use corrugated pallets:

  • Save money, more economical than new wood and plastic.
  • Fully recyclable, reducing solid waste contribution
  • Strong enough to replace your current pallet
  • Exempt from international export regulations
  • 75% lighter than wood pallets
  • Safe & easy handling for your employees and your customers
  • No nails, no splinters
  • Clean and contaminate free

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