Corrugated Boxes and the Imagination

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We all know that we can make boxes and other packaging material out of corrugated. We are also aware of all the amazing properties of corrugated material. It is inexpensive, strong and flexible to name a few. It is the perfect material to experiment, test and build with. Remember when you were a kid and your imagination was not yet disturbed by the outside world, how you played with boxes that were laying around? Building castles, race cars, space shuttles, boats, you name it! All this from a simple corrugated box. It gives you an idea about the limitless power of our imagination and corrugated boxes.

We cannot limit ourselves only to industrial and packaging needs when we use and talk about corrugated. It can be and should be fun and games as well. We need to use these amazing properties to build games, fun stuff that young and old can enjoy. We need to think outside of the box. No pun intended.


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