Lovepac – A Conscious Business

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What is eco-friendly packaging exactly? It is packaging; which means a box and interior protector like foam inside the box that is not bad for the environment.

We at Lovepac take great pride in being an eco-friendly enterprise. We educate our customers to use this type of packaging.  We offer foam that is made of recycled material, and is 100% recyclable, which is where our trademark ‘we’ve gone dark to go green’, was born. Our goal is to convert all of our clients to think and be geared in this mentality. We take it to heart, so much so that we recycle everything inside our production plant as well. All of our scrap corrugated, which is trim and scrap from boxes, is sent to be recycled to produce more corrugated. Our foam scrap is melted and returned to our suppliers so they can use it to make recycled foam. Our water for the machinery is recycled and we are even keeping track of our Greenhouse gas emissions.

If you and your employer are environmentally conscious and like to do business with conscientious businesses, Lovepac is the partner for you. Give us a ring we would love to hear from you!

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