Fighting El Nino, One Box at a Time

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Environment, environment and environment. Got to take care of it. Every industry is conscious of the impact they have on the environment. It was usually a negative one in the past with all the waste that was produced by each and every one of them. It is getting slowly better since we are using more eco-friendly products.

El Nino is becoming more and more of a serious threat, causing the icebergs to melt, which are endangering whole eco-systems.

These days, if you are not taking care of the environment, especially as a business, you are putting it in jeopardy. People will judge you.

That is why we are proud to provide you with eco-friendly packaging solutions. Our Revive brand foam is 100% recyclable and can be even recycled in your green bin! Match that with the corrugated box, which is also recycled and can be recycled, and we got ourselves a solution that takes care of our precious environment. Take a look at our products to know more!

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