Slotted Boxes – We Make Them All!

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A square box. Pretty square. Not much excitement. Those are the kind of boxes that are being used to ship the goods around the world, now lets talk about a slotted box. Sfrom one piece of corrugated cardboard and even though they lack excitement, they are getting the job done for many years.

Here are different types of slotted boxes out there. We can make them all, of course.

Regular Slotted Container:  The most commonly used corrugated box. All flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps are one-half the container’s width. They are very versatile and used for almost anything.

Half Slotted Container: Same as the RSC but without one set of flaps. Good for displaying the merchandise in transport.

Overlap Slotted Container: Similar to the RSC. All flaps have the same length, but the two outer flaps overlap by an inch or more rather than meet in the center of the box. The box is usually closed with staples through the outer flaps. Good for transporting something long. The overlapping flaps help keep the box flaps from pulling apart.

Full Overlap Slotted Container: All flaps have the same length, but the outer flaps completely overlap each other when closed. The two box faces with flaps have extra thickness that can provide either extra cushioning, or more stacking strength—depending on which side the flaps are facing.

Center Special Slotted Container: This box style is the first slotted container that has inner and outer flaps that are different lengths. Both pairs of flaps are cut so that they can meet in the center of the box. Because all flaps meet at the center, the top and bottom of the box have double the thickness of corrugated cardboard, and the product rests on a level base when placed inside the box.

Center Special Overlap Slotted Container: When closed, the inner flaps of this box meet at the center. The outer flaps overlap. The amount of overlap varies depending on the ratio of length to width (this box’s length cannot be more than twice its width). It is a level surface for your product to rest on and if you don’t want to waste the same amount of corrugated used to make the Center Special Slotted Container; this is a good choice.

Center Special Full Overlap Slotted Container: If I was giving out most convoluted name awards, this is the box that would win it. This box style has different length flaps. The inner flaps are cut to meet at the center, and the outer flaps completely overlap. When you want three full layers of corrugated cardboard protecting the top and bottom.


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