Beyond The Pizza Box

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My favourite style! Pizza style box!

Everybody knows this type of box and everybody has used it. The name comes – you guessed it – from pizzas.

We get our pizzas in them. Transporting a pizza is only scratching the surfaces of the possibilities this type of box can do. You can customize the size, printing and the strength of the corrugated used to make it. You can put handles, spacers and dividers on it and the list goes on. Needless to say, this box is versatile, as well as being sturdy. It is designed to have three layers of corrugated forming two of the side walls which gives it incredible stacking capabilities. You can put multiple boxes on top of each other with heavy merchandise in them and the box will not collapse. If your product is not too big – because pizza style boxes can’t be big as a RSC – I recommend to go pizza style!

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