Reduce Shipping Costs with Hybrid Crates

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E-commerce is here to stay-there is no disputing that fact. The question remains, how does a company remain competitive when shipping is a major cost for the e-commerce industry?  This is an even bigger variable when you are shipping something that is big, heavy, and fragile. Crates have proven to be the go-to solution for years… and yes, a crate is a great solution!  However, there is a better way where the client can save money by design.

The solution is called a hybrid crate. A hybrid crate is a custom designed crate that combines wood and corrugated together. In some cases, by adding foam, the design can be further reduced in size due to the added cushioning and memory the PE foam provides.  Your shipping costs can be dramatically reduced and damages equally so with the proper hybrid crate design. Lovepac can reduce the wood content and weight by up to 80% of its original customary design.

So remember, if you want to save money in e-commerce, it is by design! Look into hybrid crates with Lovepac today.

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