Customize Your Wooden Crates

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Are custom corrugated boxes not big or strong enough for you? Lovepac can answer your every need! Our custom wooden crates will provide you with a solution for those big and heavy items that need to be shipped all over the world.

Each one of our crates is heat treated to answer the international shipping requirements. We offer free consultation and design to provide you with custom solution for each and every one of your projects.

Our design department can combine foam inserts for the wooden crates so that your items have extra protection and cushioning if needed.

If those wooden crates cost too much, we have a hybrid crate which is a combination between a corrugated box and wooden crate. This will save you on shipping costs because it is lighter than a normal wooden crate but is strong enough to handle heavy and big items. Let us know your needs and we can save your money with our design!

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