Deliver Safely with Foam

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Great way to protect your stuff is with foam. As a trusted reader of my blogs, you know by now all the great foam properties of foam. That soft stuff, polyethylene or polyurethane– choose wisely. We can combine some foam with corrugated to create awesome foam packs!

Foam and corrugated go together like coffee and sugar. Some people can’t imagine coffee without sugar, like me! Other hardcore people want to taste that coffee man! So, no sugar for them (they don’t know what they are missing). It all depends what you need to protect. Some projects don’t need foam and some do. Let me say that my speciality is the sweet stuff. I love to combine foam with my packaging solutions. If you have a fragile payload to ship and if your payload has to be delivered by those guys in uniforms that drive little trucks, you are in for a bumpy ride. Better have some foam man!


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