Reducing Our Environmental Impact

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As President of Lovepac, I have been inspired to reduce our environmental impact since we opened.  Over the years we have introduced our Revive foam line that is 100% recyclable before and after conversion. It is with confidence that I can say 96% of our plant is recycled. Our design department is constantly thinking about each project that comes in, and how it can be custom designed so that it has no impact on the environment.  Our newest and latest inspirational cardboard project, that I have been working on for two years, will replace at least 10,000 of our wooden pallets with a cardboard replacement.  Our objective is to design the pallet so that it can support the product through transport and handling to our client – until he has depleted the pallet.  Then once done, the client simply folds it up and puts it in the recycling bin for future uses.  It is that simple.

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