Lovepac welcomes Novapac into its pack

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MONTREAL – October 19, 2017 – Lovepac, a Montreal-based protective packaging company, is taking a bigger slice of the packaging market by acquiring Novapac, a leading supplier of pizza boxes and related products.

“The two companies are truly a great fit,” said Robert Sibthorpe, President at Lovepac. According to Lovepac, there were several key factors that made purchasing Novapac’s shares an easy decision—Novapac’s culture, its emphasis on small- and medium-volume orders, and its unique printing technology, which doesn’t require tooling.

This acquisition gives Lovepac access to a savoury new market.

About Lovepac: Lovepac is shaping the way North American businesses package their goods by offering customized, innovative designs. The company also offers tailored protective packaging, including corrugated boxes and foam solutions, as well as made-to-measure crates.

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