Revive Foam: 4-way Protection

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4 way to protect your fragile product with foam

LovePac’s Revive foam is known for its great protection capabilities. But why is that protection so efficient.

Protection against vibration

When a product is ship by truck the package is submitted to a lot of vibration along the way. The vibration of the truck engine for exemple can cause damage to fragile product. This is where the foam jump in. it absorbe the vibration the product can be safe.

Protection from static

Special formulated esd foam will protect your electronic or static sensitive device from malfunctioning. This special foam is formulated to eliminate static and protection

Shock protection

During the transportation package are drop, lift, trown, piled, pushed, and bumped. For a fragile item protection against all this source of shocks is key for a safe delivery and a great end user experience. Lovepac`s Revive foam will absorbe all the shock so your fragile product will not have to .

Scratch protection

Some items are so sensible that even the smallest this can scratch them like fiber optics and add disc surfaces for example. In this case foam is once again a perfect solution. Lovepac offer a specially formulated foam that protect from scratches.

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