Protecting with Endcaps for International Shipments

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Do you realize the abuse a box takes once it leaves your shipping dock? It may be thrown, dropped, stepped in, crushed by the weight of other boxes, and so on. This does not even include environmental abuse a box may be exposed to, such as rain, cold, and heat, and I am just talking about local shipping.

What do you think happens to your product once you add distribution centres, air freight, long haul trucking, rail, and marine. Then, there is the country of origin and their methods of shipping and the conditions that your package must sustain.

It is a heck of a ride, each and every time. All of the above happens, however the most damaging thing to a box and the contents, are vibration.

For highly sensitive, fragile, and expensive items, the solution is simple.

PE foam and if your product allows it, then foam end caps work the best.

They have memory and absorb shock.
They are environmentally friendly.
They are professional looking.
They are easy to pack
They are easy to unpack

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