Providing the Best Solutions!

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Lovepac has been designing and manufacturing customized shipping crates and shipping boxes in all sizes and forms for various industries for years. For international shipments, whether you ship by air freight, sea freight or surface freight, our goal is to provide the best solution for your shipping needs in a reliable, fast and cost effective way.

Most of the time, those customized shipping crates or boxes have some type of foam protection included to protect the merchandise during transport. Foam is lightweight and is designed to protect the surfaces and absorb shock during shipping cycles.

Lovepac will work with you to designrecommend and manufacture the best foam end caps for international shipping based upon:

  • Foam specifications: polyurethane, polyethylene
  • Handling and transportation conditions
  • Product design considerations
  • The fragility of your product
  • Antistatic foam requirements
  • Cushioning requirement

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