Deliver Your Goods In Custom Hybrid Crates

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How would you spend your time without the internet these days? You could go on your computer and your phone, but I bet you would get bored pretty fast without the internet. It is such a powerful tool and when we use it to our advantage, it can do miracles.

Let’s look at e-commerce and how easy and fast you can get goods from the internet. With web sites like EBay and Amazon, you can get stuff delivered to you cheaper than in local stores.

To help you deliver those goods to customers, Lovepac can design a custom packaging that will protect your merchandise all the way to the customer’s doorstep.

When you ship heavy items by plane, shipping and handling can get costly. To cut on those expenses, we can provide you with a heavy duty light weight crate solution.

We call it a Hybrid! It is a mix of wood and corrugated. It will give you the protection of a wooden crate without the heavy weight!

There are numerous ways of combining wood and corrugated to create a custom crate packaging solution for each project. Give us a call and our in-house design team will take care of the rest!

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