Going Green Could Save You Green

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What is “going green”?  Over the last decade, companies have become more aware of the ecological effect of their packaging material like bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and Styrofoam, on the environment. Lovepac, as a packaging company, has a responsibility to customers to recommend eco-friendly products and design solutions that will reduce their environmental footprint.

In many cases after sitting down with the customer and analyzing their needs, going green can actually be a cost saving exercise as well. For example, I received a call from an LCD screen manufacture that wanted to go green. Their current interior packaging included a poly-plastic bag, Styrofoam end caps, cardboard inserts and 1/16 PE foam sheets.

I was able to reduce the cost and design in a recycled, low abrasive Polyethylene foam tray. This design had enough protection to ensure the screen was protectively packaged in transport, but not too much foam to impact the environment. With less inventory to manage and the increase in the level of protection, reduction in waste, and decrease in cost, we won the bid over 3 other offers.

PE foam is now available from 100% recycle material, so PE foam is back in the game.

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