Let’s Go Green Together!

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Let’s go green! Follow us on the green path and make a better world for everybody. If you do not take care about the environment, you will be judged. It starts at the grocery store – when you do not bring your own organic, bio-degradable bag. That tells us that we are moving towards a brightergreener path even when we package our groceries.

Why don’t we package our everyday parts for shipping in the same greener and more eco-friendly way? At Lovepac we do! We got rid of the non-recyclable polystyrene white stuff that kids used to play with to make snow. We replaced it with our own REVIVE brand of recycled foam. Take a look into that, it’s serious.

We can even go greener by guiding YOU to a brighter and greener path. When there is no need for cushioned protection, we can replace foam end-caps and foam pads by CORRUGATED INSERTS. They will do the job by keeping the product in place while being the buffer between the outside shocks and the product. This is the best inexpensive and Eco-friendly solution!

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