Unique Protective Packaging

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We are unique. That’s what makes this whole thing interesting. Unique people make unique things. Sometimes beautiful things, other times pretty things.

Thus, most of the time we have unique requests to build protective packaging; and it’s always a thrill to do so!

Recently, a client of ours, had this pretty unique thing that he needed to ship all over North America. It was heavy and expensive. So, we went with a box made from plywood and foam inside to keep his precious merchandise safe. Pretty straight forward, right? Not so fast. There was a twist to this whole thing. Some of the items were coming back with less or more parts! We needed to make place for all possibilities. All this while keeping the total size and weight low without sacrificing protection. He was very pleased with our solution. It saved him a lot of time and space when shipping.

We love these unique challenges!

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