Decoding Fragile Packaging with Lovepac

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In a perfect world, everything we ship is handled with as much care is if we delivered it ourselves, unfortunately that isn’t the case and you absolutely need to think of the worst-case scenario when releasing your package to a shipping company.

This is where the challenge begins, if you over pack you increase your packaging material cost and the overall volume which rises your shipping fees and, in the end, it doesn’t mean your fragile item is well protected.

The two main factors you need to respect when shipping a fragile piece is first, preventing any kind of movement and second is to add just the right amount of padding to eliminate the G-force transfer from the outside surface to the interior item.

Choosing the correct thickness and type of material to achieve this perfect balance between just enough and too much is why customers come to Lovepac to decode the unknown.

Every item and application are different and using a generic off the shelf solution isn’t always the best way to go to ship your high value and fragile product.

As soon as you work with a packaging specialist at Lovepac you will see the value of having an expert on your side providing you with important information when designing a signature concept for your application.

Looking forward in helping you find your signature packaging.

See a few bad examples below

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