Avoid the Shock: Protecting with Polyethylene Foam

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Got fragile objects to ship? We got your back! We know that it can be a puzzle sometimes to get the right packaging when you want to ship fragile objects. There can be multiple ways of protecting your merchandise, that is why we have an expert design team that will give you ideas and solutions.

Most of the time, a corrugated box is not enough to protect the fragile objects that we want to ship. Specially, if they are shipped via couriers. We have all seen videos of packages being roughly handled. Before arriving at the destination, we know there will be many bumps and bruises! We need to have some kind of padding and shock absorption material to protect the fragile objects.

The best material for that is Polyethylene foam. It has excellent shock absorption properties, it is light weight, keeps its’ shape and it is recycled and recyclable!

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