Lovepac’s Unique Ability 

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What sets us apart from our competitors:

Sustainable Leader
We recycle 98% of our waste the we produce in our plant. Our Revive foam and corrugated paper is from pre-recycled materials. Our ink is water based. This year we will be certified in sustainable development.

Only company in Quebec that procures all three major protective packaging products-corrugated, PE foam, and Wood Crating.

Layered inventory
Lovepac has 8 layers of inventory to help manage your space and cash flow. No reason to store a truck full of assembled packaging in your plant-we have a solution for that.

We are a leader in protective packaging design. We make sure we reduce as much impact on the environment as possible. We also make evert effort to design the materials used with our layered inventory -for more flexibility in production.

Mexico operation
We have a manufacturing facility in Guadalajara, Mexico.  We also have two manufacturing facilities in Quebec for a total manufacturing space of over 50,000 square feet.

Care and protection
Lovepac cares about your product and will protect it.

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