The Ultimate Move: Lovepac Expands into Mexico

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In every successful and sustainable company, you can find a leader that thinks outside the box and is always reinventing themselves.

Like in chess, boxing or football, to name a few, the only way to beat your opponent is to think three moves ahead-but only the elite can achieve that level of thinking.

One of the ways companies expand these days is by acquisition, which is risky if you don’t do your homework. The other way to expand is to start fresh with another location. Many dream of doing it, not many actually take the risk of fulfilling that dream.

I’m pleased to inform that Lovepac is the only total packaging solution company with manufacturing capabilities in Canada and in Mexico.

Having a mirror company in Mexico allows us to increase our production capacity while reducing costs, which results in better value to the customer.

This will not only secure our future as the industry packaging leader, but will benefit all our current and future clients. With a competitive product- you can count on the long-term.

What is your next move?

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