Crates Made to Measure

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At Lovepac we offer a wide variety of innovative packaging. One of our most prized additions is our wooden crate protective packaging. Our new Lovewood factory allows us to build a variety of custom crates to protect your expensive products. The crates that we make are especially suited to your needs, while keeping them as simple as possible to have competitive pricing.

We offer:

  • Inside supports and saddles designed with precise tolerances
  • Superior additional hardware (handles, wheels)
  • Hybrid crates with half corrugate to improve cost and lower weight
  • Optional foam inserts
  • Custom sized pallets
  • Custom designed shock absorbent pallets
  • Solid construction built by master craftsmen with premium materials

Our Lovepac design team will make sure that we provide you with the best solution possible to protect your products and distinguish you from your competitors.

Contact us now for a FREE design consultation.


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