Lovepac Carries a Large Variety of Foam for You to Choose From

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The combination of corrugate and foam is the perfect way to protect any product. During shipping, the foam cushioning will block your product from external hazards. Foam packaging comes in an abundance of types and styles just like corrugate. At Lovepac, we carry a large variety of foams for you to choose from. Selecting the right density, size and colour will allow you to highlight the design of a specific product.

Depending on the weight and fragility of the product, our team of experts will determine what type and density of foam best matches your needs.

Extruded Foam

Laminated Foam

Foam Colours

We believe that the right combination will convey more value to your product. Not only will it protect it better, it will enhance the client experience through its professional look and feel. Our designers will create the perfect packing solution for your product. We will be there to assist you every step of the way (from the initial needs analysis to final assembly), the entire team at Lovepac strives to deliver an overall stress-free experience.


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