Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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Recently, we have been experiencing a return to some of the old ways when it comes to eco-friendly packaging. Milk will soon be delivered in glass bottles again! I was intrigued with the packaging solution a local company is using to package their yogurt. Not only is it an environmentally friendly small glass jar, in addition -the company provides little re-usable plastic (the recyclable kind) covers.

These trends are not presenting themselves as some form of marketing ploy. Consumers are demanding these changes. One of the core values of Lovepac is sustainability, both from a philosophical and operational standpoint. Lovepac leads the industry in new sustainable solutions to protective packaging requirements. Whether it is by using recycled foam (with our industry leading REVIVE foam) or with our corrugated products (which are born from recycled paper). Lovepac is determined to offer packaging solutions that will be sustainable with our client base and with the planet!

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