Save on Shipping

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The most expensive way to ship something is by air. Airlines charge you either by weight or volume, whichever is greater. Getting an order to your customer can sometimes be critical and unplanned. We suggest that if you have something heavy and fragile, to design your custom packaging with wood and corrugated that can be shipped by air and/or truck. This design not only saves you potential added shipping costs, it also helps the environment by combining a limited amount of wood, corrugated (100% recyclable), and PE foam (100% recyclable) together.

It looks professional, its light, safer (no splinters), and you can brand your logo on the outside of the corrugated panel. A $20-$100 package can save you well over $1000 in shipping costs if designed right. It can also save you labor costs when your shipping department is packing your product. We will design something that only takes minutes to pack.

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