Custom Packaging Without the Headaches

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A small problem with a box can have big repercussions. Our knowledgeable team of designers can help you design a protective packaging solution that will protect your products.

When a manufacturer of ATV and quad bumpers found themselves unable to deliver their products because of boxes that lacked rigidity, they came to us for help. A Lovepac designer went on site to evaluate the plant’s packaging and storage methods. As a result, they noticed that the cartons were stored in a damp environment and that the protective materials used were not effective.

Our design team at Lovepac developed a Revive foam and cardboard solution. They worked on improving their packaging method to solve the problem of breakage in transit. Production of our client’s products were resumed, and they were able to successfully complete their orders without damage.

Custom packaging can be complex and frustrating, let us handle all your packaging needs and make sure to have your products delivered safely.

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