Rock Solid Construction Built with Experienced

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There are many ways to build a crate. With well over twenty years of experience, our expert team will help guide you toward the best solution to protect your products.

Our customers love our most prized addition: the Hybrid Crates.

They offer a robust base using custom heat-treated wood (certified ISPM-15), combined with thick 71AC corrugated cardboard to help optimize weight, cost, and practicality.

The Hybrid Crates offers:

  • Up to 70% lighter materials than a regular wood crate.
  • Strong support where needed.
  • Reduced transport costs because of weight.
  • Printable packaging.
  • Cost savings.

We incorporate our famous revive foam which is made from 75% recycled materials to better protect your products. If you are looking to stand out from your competition we also offer the option to add a logo to your custom crate.

The Lovepac team are the experts when it comes to Wood and Hybrid crates. Rock solid construction built by master craftsmen with premium materials, and the most innovative design team in the industry.

Contact us now for a free design consultation. The Lovepac team will make sure to provide you with the best design to protect your products and distinguish you from your competitors.

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