Proud to be celebrating 20 years!

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Lovepac is born from two words—care and protect.

20 years ago this year, my family sold our family home to start a protective packaging company. I used the profit from the house to start the business as a broker, with the vision of eventually manufacturing everything that a protective packaging company sells in order to protect the client’s product. After many struggles and even more successes, Lovepac has grown up into the company it is today—with four locations and a fifth location being opened up this fiscal year.

The vision could not have been achieved without the people working for Lovepac. I believe that we all share the same values (CARES—continuous improvement, Attitude, Respect, Excellence, and Sustainability). These values are the foundation of everything from hiring, investing, growing, getting clients and suppliers.

We now have over 75 employees and hope to have over 100 in the next two years with the same vision in mind of growing efficiently and effectively while holding onto our core values as a company.

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