Advantages of polyethylene foam in packaging

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Foam packaging has stood out for its multiple advantages in the packaging sector, there is a wide variety of markets that are using it to pack their products to reduce risks and ensure their protection.


Some of the advantages of this wonderful material are:

  • Resistance

Foam provides excellent resistance that protects products from damage that can be caused during shipping or handling. The remarkable thing about its resistance stands out because it is a light material compared to other alternatives.


  • Versatility

Due to its properties, this material can be adapted to different types of products and measures, which means that there are even solutions that are produced with the shape of the piece to be packed, providing cost reductions in the consumption of this material.


  • Security

It is characterized by providing safety to products packed with this material. Polyethylene foam allows it to absorb impacts depending on the selected density.


  • Recyclable

It is a 100% recyclable material, it can be reprocessed to turn it into raw material and start its cycle again, so PE foam  becomes an excellent ecological option.



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