1. What is the delay in your production?
  2. Our regular production time is two weeks following the entry of the purchase order into the production system. This means that the deadline begins after receipt of all necessary data and final approval by the client.

    For specialty products, a delay in the supply of raw materials is longer than for others. Therefore, our production time will vary with our purchase of material. Products such as coroplast, antistatic, white corrugated, plastic cases and polyurethane may have longer production times.

  3. Do you have a minimum quantity?
  4. We do not have a minimum quantity for our standard products except for white corrugated and specialty products.

  5. Is delivery included?
  6. Our basic prices include delivery, you can also pick up your order at our factory, or simply add a fixed fee for delivery.

  7. Do you sell standard and/or specialized formats?
  8. Lovepac offers specialized packaging solutions to meet customer needs. We do not have standard products on our floor.

  9. Do you keep an inventory?
  10. We keep some inventory of raw materials on our floor.

  11. Do prices decrease according to quantity?
    1. Boxes
    2. Yes, since there are price breaks in our raw material, the prices of your boxes decrease with the quantity ordered.

    3. Polyethylene
    4. Very little, to get a price break we need to order a truck load of the same material. However, transport fees are divided by a larger quantity, which reduces the unit cost.

    5. Crates
    6. No, the price of crates is a fixed price, the cost of materials or labor does not vary. For shipping, a fixed fee per trip is associated with the price.

  12. Maximum/Minimum sizes?
  13. The minimum size we can produce depends on the style of the box. The maximum size we can make in one piece RSC is 29x29x43 approximately.

  14. Crating on site/design on site
  15. We have a design team and an onsite construction team at your disposal. They are available to meet and discuss your needs. They can design and pack pretty much anything. Typically, we pre-build the panels and do as much pre-cuts at our plant-we then do the final assembly at your facility if needed. Anything is possible!

  16. Do I need to acquire a cutting and/or printing die?
  17. Cutting Die acquisition is required for boxes that are non-regular, die cut boxes. Printing dies are required if you want to print text, a logo or anything else on your boxes.

  18. Can I have a sample? Is it free of charge?
  19. A sample is provided free of charge for the majority of our projects. Some exceptions apply such as plastic case and crates.

  20. Is PE foam trim recyclable?
  21. Polyethylene is not recycled by the city. However, we do have a system that allows us to recycle PE. You can therefore return your trimmings to us if you inform us of your arrival.